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Articles and Essays on Film Noir Dark City Film Noir and Fiction Dark Film Noir Quotes Essays In Film Noir Film Noir Film Noir – Films Film Noir Collection – MovieMail UK Film Noir DVDs from BackalleyNoir Film Noir DVDs TAPES & More Film Noir Foundation Film Noir of the Week Film Noir Posters at … [Read more…]

The Complete IMDB List of Films Noir

13th Letter, The (1951) 6.1/10 (40 votes) 5 Against the House (1955) 5.9/10 (66 votes) 711 Ocean Drive (1950) 6.8/10 (69 votes) 99 River Street (1953) 7.2/10 (134 votes) …aka Crosstown (1953) Abandoned (1949) 6.3/10 (25 votes) …aka Abandoned Woman (1949) Accused, The (1949) 6.9/10 (148 votes) Ace in the Hole (1951) 8.3/10 (1840 votes) … [Read more…]

Film Noir Scripts on the Web

Film Noir Scripts: Casablanca (1942) Citizen Kane (1940) Notorious (1946) To Have and Have Not (1944) Double Indemnity (Undated Draft) by James M. Cain,Billy Wilder,Raymond Chandler Strangers on a Train (1950-10 Draft) by Raymond Chandler,Czenzi Ormonde Sunset Boulevard (1949-50 Draft) by Charles Brackett,Billy Wilder,D.M. Harshman Jr. Sweet Smell of Success (Undated Draft) Written by Ernest … [Read more…]

The Best Film Noir Trailers on DVD (2000 120mins)

From All Movie Guide: “The films about the tough guys and the femme fatales. Films like The Maltese Falcon. Kiss Me Deadly, Double Indemnity, This Gun for Hire, Mildred Pierce, DOA, The Postman Always Rings Twice, The Bad and the Beautiful, Detour, Touch of Evil, Out ot the Past, including the original coming attraction trailers … [Read more…]

Top 50 Films Noir at IMDB

IMDB Top 50 Films Noir: 1. Sunset Blvd. (1950) 8.6/10 (15946 votes) 2. Double Indemnity (1944) 8.5/10 (11468 votes) 3. M (1931) 8.5/10 (11903 votes) 4. The Third Man (1949) 8.5/10 (18196 votes) 5. The Maltese Falcon (1941) 8.4/10 (19267 votes) 6. Touch of Evil (1958) 8.4/10 (11622 votes) 7. Strangers on a Train (1951) … [Read more…]

Brick (2005) on DVD

Brick (2005) “Brick takes the trappings of [the] hardboiled detective story and sets it in the milieu of a modern suburban high school. The convoluted plot plays the classic noir program absolutely straight. It is not pastiche or even homage; it is a straight forward film noir, just with everyone about 17 years old.” Fom … [Read more…]