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  1. “The film has one bright spot in a Russian sauna when two rocking-chair revolutionaries hatch their plot to kill the racketeer. George Tobias as a bankrupt store-keeper delivers a riveting background monologue on his fate. The writing brilliantly employs decidedly Jewish humor in a witty critique that runs to the core of the story, and is totally subversive of the melodrama played out in the foreground. The scene is featured in the following edited clip.”

    Great to see this scrutiniziing assessment, which deservedly dilutes the blind adoration which may result from respect for Litvak. The director did helm one legitimate masterpiece with MAYERLING, but there are some issues here which you insightfully delineate. Too bad too, since James Wong Howe’s work is always in and of itself a reason to watch a classic film. I find it most coincidental that our friend John Greco reviewed the film with a day or two of your post. I will link his review here, and will link yours to his this afternoon! Ha!

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