1. Noir and humor are rather an uneasy mix, though Chandler had a number of moments. Of course Cagney always provided comic levity, and in WHITE HEAT his black hmor was part of that film’s allure.

    This is a great clip of illustration, and I must say I do agree that this particular Cagney film is overrated.

  2. Ron DeSourdis

    Overrated? Funny, I had always felt this picture was under-recognized, if at all. Legend has it that Cagney wanted to play a hood with absolutely no redeeming qualities (vicious as he was, Cody Jarrett loved his Mommy), which he does here in this William Cagney production. Barbara Payton’s work is good enough that it always forces me to dwell on the waste of her life. And it always amuses me to see the two honest cops from 1941’s “Maltese Falcon” (Ward Bond and Barton MacLane) as the two dirty cops in this one.

  3. Thanks Ron for your take. Perhaps I was a bit harsh here – was missing that bit extra from Cagney which would have made a stronger impression.

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