1. Hi! Tony,
    I have never watched When Stranger Marry,” but this synopsis is very detailed and very well written.
    After reading your synopsis…It sent me running to find out if “My man in Havana, and not Canada” have a copy on his list and lo and behold he does…Therefore, I plan to try and get my hands on a copy next month. (I ‘am not quite sure if this film is available on DVD yet??? :roll: )
    Thanks, for sharing!

    By the way, I have two questions to ask you, about a film and WordPress…That is if you, don’t mind me sending you an email.

    DeeDee :)

  2. Well, thanks for the lead-in, as I will be seeing this (as mentioned) at the Film Forum. Most critics and audiences believe it to be Castle’s finest work, somewhat apart from his campy horror films.

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