1. Marvelous review, Tony, of a film that does not receive as much acclaim these days as it most likely should. One aspect of it I adore is that, at only 90 minutes or so, the film feels astonishingly “epic,” with a richly peopled and realized tragic storyline Fuller brings to great cinematic life.

  2. Thanks and right on Alexander! The 87th minute to be exact – in the scene after Tolly proposes to Cuddles – he is now acting more urgently and for the first time for someone else as well.

  3. Hi! Tony D’Ambra, Alexander and Sam (Whom I am sure will be here later!)
    Tony D’Ambra, I truly “hate” to admit this, but I am not to familiar with director Samuel Fuller’s work on film.(with the exception being of course! his…“Pick Up on South Street” (1953) and “The Naked Kissed.”(1964)
    Below…I have linked an article that features director Samuel Fuller, discussing his films in an interview in the imagesjournal.

    But,if I am not mistaken, I think this is an excerpt that was taken from the book Film Noir 3


    dcd ;)

  4. Sam Juliano

    Great and enthusiastic review of yet another Samuel Fuller film that has achieved a cult following. I have always adored Duning’s score. Your paragraph begin,.ing with “Fuller’s pulp melodramas…..” is a model of descriptive and ultra-perceptive film criticism. I also would like to read more of Spicer as applied to Fuller. I like PICKUP as well, so I will soon read your review on that one through your link.

  5. Hi Dcd. Sorry, for some reason your comment was in the moderation queue, so its appearance and my response is late.

    You should should also check out these other noirs by Fuller: House of Bamboo, Shock Corridor, and The Crimson Kimono.

    Thanks also for the link to the Fuller interview, which I was aware of and should have mentioned in my post – it is certainly very interesting.

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