1. Well Tony, at the end of the day I have to say I probably agree with your issues, even if the excitement for such comprehensive additions is there. Naturally for monetary reasons the Grant would be far preferable of the two, but your intricate discussion of both leans to a blind purchase of that volume. I like the fact that there are no spoilers, and that such a all-compassing focus has been accomplished. I also, like you, debate if there are that many noirs, in fact the total number would seem far closer to your own essential list than Grant’s qualifications. In any case, I would still suppose that both volumes will seriously tempt genre fans, and at some point I could well spring for the Grant. Excellent review and discussion!

  2. david hartzog

    Thanks for this article, and the links. The books are a little pricey but its good to know that they exist.

  3. Walker

    “by John Grant (a film author with no track record in noir), ”
    Amazon.com shows a 2006 published book by Grant titled “Noir Movies: Facts, Figures and Fun.”

  4. cigar joe

    Had time to kill, was near Barnes & Nobel so I popped in to see what was new. They had A Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Film Noir: The Essential Reference Guide’ by Grant. So I sat down and flipped through it. Impressions, its heavy, it has way too many sepia toned images in an encyclopedia on Film Noir, its including a lot of foreign titles, (flipping through I saw “La bionda” and “Le Samouraï” for examples) quite a few so called Neo Noirs all the way into this century, my list of them (of what I’ve seen so far) or at least what I consider Neo’s maybe includes three dozen. I’m a bit stricter in my standards apparently.

    So I went through to see which of my “neo’s’ made the cut. “Farewell My Lovely”, “The Last Seduction”, and, off the wall, “The Big Lebowski” are in, but one of my top favorites “Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia” is not. It would be interesting to see if the similar “No Country For Old Men” is in. I didn’t think at the time to check.

    Another lightly noiri-sh favorite of mine, John D. MacDonald’s “Darker Than Amber” is in but “Mr. Buddwing” is not. I was pressed for time so I didn’t get much further. Will return to post more observations.

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