1. Hi! Tony,
    What can I say, but what I always say…What a concise, straight forward, review of the 1949
    film Woman on Pier 13. Btw, this film isn’t available on dvd yet, but I do own a pretty decent print of this film and the MGM film “Scene of the Crime” that was recorded for me by one of my supplier(s) of dvds…
    …and I was also lucky enough to find 2 near pristine,”pressbooks” for this film and the MGM’s 1949 film “Scene of the Crime,” both on eBay. (I was “really lucky” to find (purchase) both of them “intact” completely!…usually, they were “cut” to shreds.)

    Like the pressbook, from Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960s film “pSyChO” that I purchased on eBay, it looked as if actor Anthony Perkins got a hold it!…It was nearly “cut” to shred.

    Take care!
    Dcd ;)

  2. Correction: “…it looked as if actor Anthony Perkins, got a hold of it!… Because it was nearly “cut” to shred.”

    Tony said,”A solid downbeat ending after a spectacular shoot-out on the wharves satisfies and has a redemptive focus.”
    Tony, I must say that your description of the ending of this film sums, it up perfectly, and place it in the “proverbial” “nutshell.”

    hmmm…When this film is returned to me, I think that I will give it a second look!…Because of your review my interest in this film is “piqued”…

    Dcd ;)

  3. Tony said,”The pressbooks sound fascinating!”
    Speaking of, books…I also have friends in “low” places, trying to secure me a copy of the book Woman on Pier 13.
    . Btw, the paperback copy price can “run the gamut” from..hmmm… $10.00 to $40.00 dollars.

    Dcd ;)
    To whom it may concern: The name deedee is just the letters “Dd” spelled out and I have just omitted the cee.
    Because I don’t want my initials to spell out…(D)ark (C)ity (D)ame anymore.

  4. Exceptional review, Tony–I couldn’t stop reading it–but unfortunately I haven’t seen this film. I must correct that, I see. Thank you again for this fabulous review.

  5. Hi! Alexander,
    Alexander said,”I must correct that, I see…”
    I think that have already been “corrected” Alexander, once you receive “The Mother Lode” :?

    Dcd ;)

  6. Alas I have not seen this film either, but Tony does make this “roller coaster ride” most appealing. And what he doesn’t in his wildly enjthusiastic appraisal, the stars and craftsmen do. Robert Ryan and cameraman Nicholas Musuraca for example are consumate artists. Interesting you mention co-star William Talman here in one of his first roles. Talman, as I recall starred in the “Perry Mason” series (which I loved as a teenager) as Mason’s primary district attorney, who always exuded confidence, only to lose in the end.

    In any case, this almost sounds like a comedy the way you related it in the beginning, but it seems to effectively blend a number of elements. Most interesting stuff!

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