1. Film Noir by Alain Silver
    A general overview of film noir covering its most important themes with many rare stills. Among the films covered are: Double Indemnity, Kiss Me Deadly, Gun Crazy, Criss Cross, Detour, In A Lonely Place, T-Men, Out of the Past, The Reckless Moment, and Touch of Evil.

    “In an interview in 1975, Lang justified the ending in these words:”
    Tony “Antonio” D’Ambra,
    I purchased the book “The Big Book of Noir” and guess
    what? An extensive interview with Fritz Lang is in this book. Where he goes into great details about his films.And yes, he even discuss the end of the film
    “The Woman in the Window.”
    The Big Book of Noir… “Noir is big, so The Big Book of Noir jam-packs its pages
    with articles, interviews, excerpts, opinion, and gossip that chronicle its
    history and explore noir in all its forms: movies, detective stories, television.
    and radio shows, comic books, and graphic novels.”


  2. “…in which a man kills two [sic] people and himself….”

    The “two” is correct in that (spoiler alert) he directly kills his mistress and frames the blackmailer for the murder. The police then shoot the blackmailer now wanted for murder.

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