1. Sam Juliano

    “A film noir? Decidedly. Hyper-expressionism and a tragedy played out in dark nights of the soul. Flashback and a down-beat ending. But not just these elements, more the parasitic fatalism that feeds on each new betrayal and degradation.”

    Unfortunately, I have not yet seen this particular film, Tony. But I am familiar with Tulio, and do plan on seeing the films I can secure. I know Tulio was given a 2009 retrospective at BAM, an event I regret missing out on. The director had a big influence on Finnish master Aki Kaursimaki, who championed his work during the last year’s of Tulio’s lifetime. You have again written a remarkable review that has stripped bare the director’s style and deep noirish roots with some trenchant prose. This includes of course the copied quote which provides the genre validation with lucid directness. That’s quite a masterful assessment of his work by Hoberman. I also found this telling appraisal which mirrors you own extraordinary revelations:

    In a brief essay on the filmmaker for the English-language film website The Auteurs, Anna Bak-Kvapil referred to Tulio’s work as “spectacles of suffering and sex,” writing: “His style can be Eisensteinian, with expressionistic montages of the shining faces of the proletariat intercut with kittens, crucifixes, or half-smoked cigarettes, but he adores Hollywood, mimicking in his own over-enthusiastic way, Cukor, Lubitsch and Von Sternberg.”

    Simply superb review Tony!

  2. I’m going to have to seek out some Tulio. I’ve always loved Kaurismäki. Alas this must be Fock’s only film, as ‘Sådan du ville ha mig’ is just the Swedish translation of ‘The Way You Wanted Me.’

  3. harrim

    Well, you’re sort of both right; Tulio shot some of his films twice in a ro, in finnish and in swedish, separately, i.e. not just overdubbing the lines. With lots of shared lineless establishing shots of course.

    Which presents an interesting dilemma for IMDB: should those count as one film credit even though the actors gave two separate performances in different languages?

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