1. Sam Juliano

    Tony, you do a brilliant job of connecting the use of flashbacks in the cinema, bringing in some particularly complex examples that probe into some profound cinematic explorations of psychological and philosophical aspects of Weine’s and Kurosawa’s focus. Excellent use of ‘kaleidoscope’ and that famous Bunuel film, and penetrating and economical look at the choices crafted with scholarly heft. Hence the matters of deranged mind in the Weine, and verisimilitude in the Kurosawa get right down to the most vital aspects of the films, and your work here with THE LOCKET is really extraordinary, and informed with some obvious personal appreciation. I do love the way you weaved all three, concerning yourself with only the aspects that can be posed as crucial comparison points, though taken on their own each capsule is far more revealing and insightful than longer treatments. This is really spectacular I must say. Ha, you have me wanting to watch all three films again, and that would be the ultimate compliment for you. I am also thinking of other great films with celebrated use of flashback: CASABLANCA, CITIZEN KANE, THE LIFE AND DEATH OF COLONEL BlIMP, LAURA.

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