1. Sam Juliano

    “Composer Herschel Burke Gilbert’s dramatic and insistent score – which garnered an Oscar nomination – is more than up to a big task.”

    Once again, your employment of word economy is simply superlative. I can’t agree with you more on Gilbert’s arresting score and Leavitt’s atmospheric camera work. Yes, this unusual role does indeed give Milland the opportunity to deliver one of his finest performances. As you astutely note in the end the visual poetry trumps any unconvincing moral resolution, and the film once seen is unforgettable. Rita Gam leaves quite an impression too as the sleazy come-on. It’s hard to imagine that any noir has so effectively used the entrapment theme both literally and metaphorically. Great review Tony!

  2. Brian

    I found this movie by accident and it is a gem. People might disagree but I think it is a great film, a filmmaker’s film. It is loaded. And Rita Glam? Good gracious! A must see. Thanks for the review.

  3. john dunbar

    Agreed on all counts and for even more reasons. This is a long lost cinematic masterpiece which, thanks to You Tube , is lost no more. It is an engrossing and superb film noir with plenty of artistic strengths to add to the mystery.

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