1. You surprise me with that comparative judgement there Tony, but I must say that I agree on both counts, and applauding the highlighting of this underrated film.

  2. Tony said,”The final image of The Breaking Point (1950), a great John Garfield film directed by Michael Curtiz, and to my mind infinitely superior to a film it is often compared to, Howard Hawk’s over-rated To Have and Have Not (1944)…”

    Hi! Tony,
    I have to agree with you, being a fan of actor Humphrey Bogart,it doesn’t matter…when it comes to which film is obvious the more superior vehicle.

    The 1944 version of Hemingway’s “To Have and Have Not…obviously came straight out of “Hollywood Dream Factory.”

    As a matter of fact, actor John Garfield’s daughter Julie, is a member of “our” Film Noir Ning…Therefore, I plan to try to seek out all of John Garfield’s films and take a whole new look at his film career.

    Because on a film noir message board I once said, that he did have that certain “it,” but now I know that I was wrong…I think that he had “it” and then “some” for added measure.
    Thanks, for sharing!
    DeeDee ;)

  3. Wow DeeDee, quite a coup having Julie Garfield join your Ning group! Her Dad has been my favorite actor since I was a teenager. He always brought so much integrity to his roles and his social activism. Can I join?

  4. Hi! Tony,
    I will sent you an email…shortly!

    By the way, Tony, here goes responses from some of the “offspring” that joined our Film Noir Ning to the following question…Which is always asked whenever a member join…What is your favorite film noir?
    Julie Garfield, response…“All of John Garfield’s films…”
    Tough guy Lawrence Tierney’s nephew Micheal,(Edward’s son) joined the group when asked the same question… he said, “That his uncle’s life was a film noir…”
    and actress
    Barbara Payton’s son John O’Dowd, is also a member, and he mentioned that his mother film (That you, just reviewed…) is his favorite film noir “kiss Tomorrow Good-bye.”

    The administrator, (I’am the co-administrator) also knew actor Vincent Price, (Leave Her To Heaven, Laura, Shock, While the City Sleeps, Dragonwyck, etc, etc, etc,)and had coffee with him on the movie lot…and he know Patricia Hitchcock (Strangers on a Train, Psycho)too!

    Typo Corrected:“Because on a film noir message board I once said, that he [Oops! I said, that he [didn’t] have that certain “it,” but now I know that I was wrong…”
    DeeDee ;)

  5. By the way, Did you check out the Film Forum line-up for October called…The Heist? I will be linking to that schedule on my Ning…shortly!

    If I didn’t check-out the “rare” film When Strangers Marry link… I probably, would have missed the October schedule.
    DeeDee ;-D

  6. Mike

    Anyone know where to get a VHS or DVD copy of this movie? Or I would be willing to watch it online. Any help is appreciated!


  7. Mike, this movie is not out on DVD, even though the Film Noir Foundation funded a restoration of the studio print a couple of years back. TCM has the TV rights, but it is not currently scheduled for screening.

  8. johann_cat

    That’s stunning that TCM hasn’t shown this. Maybe we should lobby them, because their showing it is the next-best-thing to a DVD!

  9. Jack Strauwe

    I just saw The Breaking Point and was looking for period reviews. Bosley Crowther in the NYT alluded to the poignancy of the ending which in itself almost gives it away although anyone would forget what they’d read in his review in the rush of the movie. It is a difficult movie to get through and then the ending tells us the hard truth about ourselves– we’d already forgotten the real tragedy.

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