1. “Saying a film is overly sentimental is a pejorative pretty well entrenched in film criticism. To me what matters is sincerity, something that is in pretty short supply these days. There should be more respect for genuine emotion.”

    I couldn’t agree with you more Tony, and have for most of my life argued for sincerity and the purity of emotion. This was the main thrust of a long veneration for John Ford’s HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY and Elia Kazan’s A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN among others. In both instances the emotional resonance comes from the humanism. I have not yet seen THE RAGING TIDE, but am most intrigued by the overriding sentiment (and yes I am a sucker for it too, but do believe it its legitimacy) of the work that has managed to diminish the flaws, or at least keep them at bay in the final assessment. Cinematographer Russell Metty’s greatest fame was the magnificent color work he did for Douglas Sirk, but he served Kubrick quite well, and as you note his contribution for this film (and for other noirs) has been exceptional. Good to hear director Sherman did solid work as well.

    Terrific, engaging review Tony! I hope to see this at some point.

  2. Great post Tony. The passion really flows from this beautifully written review, which is why I haven’t hesitated in putting this straight on my “Must watch” list.

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