1. Sam Juliano

    Yes Tony it is a very great film, and this is equally a very great review of it! Rod Steiger’s extraordinary performance is one of the cinema’s true glories, and that shattering final scene when he breaks down is one of the most wrenching sequences in the movies. The film in fact as you note in different words is transcendent, and while you are right to reference those preposterous early reactions, be rest assured that the critical intelligensia decades later has fully come around to this classic lock, stock and barrel.

    I get goose bumps just thinking about this masterpiece, and I must appreciate your considerable passion and scholarship that informs it! This is Lumet’s supreme achievement, with TWELVE ANGRY MEN a close second. Steiger should have won the Oscar; the nomination was insufficient. Brilliant minimalist score too as you well note.

  2. cigar joe

    Again, a great review. And I love those East Harlem street scenes, the film is also (for me) a visual time capsule to an era that was imprinted upon my childhood.

  3. Thanks guys.

    Sam, there are few authoritative reviews on-line. The Sarris piece is available as a scan courtesy of Google, and its vituperative tone really floored me.

    Ray, I can fully understand how you would relate to the cine-verite sequences.

  4. SteveHL

    I know that this is years late and that Mr. D’Ambra may never see my comment, but I want to say how strongly I agree with your review. I saw the film back in the 1960’s and not again until now. It is a great film and Steiger’s performance is amazing.

    Thank you for this review.

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