1. Tony, this is one of the greatest posts ever at Films.Noir.net. The implications of FORCE OF EVIL are here in contemporary backroom maneuverings, and there couldn’t be a better cinematic equivalent linking the past with the present.

    While you have been bringing in so many aspects of film noir over the past months, the headlines bring in a natural parallel. Unbelievable!

  2. DeeDee

    Hi! Tony,
    Basically, Do it comes down to…The more things change the more things same the same scenario?
    I must admit that I don’t follow “politics” to closely, but like Sam Juliano said, There couldn’t be a better cinematic equivalent linking the past with the present… that you have posted here on Filmsnoir.

    By the way, nice re-editing(?) of the film Force of Evil.
    Thanks, for sharing!
    DeeDee ;)

  3. Thanks for for your comments Sam and DeeDee – and for your loyalty – comments here at FilmsNoir.Net are about as rare as an honest banker :)

    DeeDee, I was going to introduce the post with “plus ca change plus la meme chose”!

    This latest coverup really deserves greater exposure, and the lingering power and intelligence of Polonky’s script is a perfect illustration of how so-called ‘free’ markets can be as oppressive and damaging as tyrants.

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