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  1. “These scenes of Kaban amongst the crowds on the streets of NY are documentary, and the central noir motif of individual alienation in the anonymity of the city is dramatically evoked – a cold glass ‘wall’.”

    Absolutely Tony, and this film is surely the very best film of the two “Bad Girls of Film Noir” sets recently released. The abject poverty and social realism (negotiated with that superlative on-location photography that you note here by Joseph Biroc) does certainly qualify the film as noir, although the lack of moral ambiguity in Peter Kaban’s character does mitigate against this. Gassman’s desparation is well-registered and Gloria Graham is typically excellent.

    The midtown shot of the milk bottles you posted prior to this post illustrates Biroc’s striking work, as does his night time work in Times Square.

    Too bad this film has been so underexposed over the years, and was purportedly a second feature in theatres.

    Terrific review, beautiful caps.

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