1. Wonderful post. Isak Dinesen said the closest we can come to the dream state in waking life is in a big city at night . . . the great urban noirs chart this territory of dreams, and nightmares, with a magical sort of precision.

  2. Lee

    Cool, evocative post Tony. I like noir because I’ve always been attracted to the dark side of life, so to speak. I was allowed to watch films like Pink Floyd’s the Wall and read Stephen King books at a very young age so I think those experiences on my formative years led to my tastes as an adult. When I came across Double Indemnity on cable TV in my early 20’s, I became a fan of the genre.

  3. Thanks Lee. City streets late at night away from the glitz and the neon are about as monochrome as the real world gets. But yes growing up in the 50s and 60s watching old b&w movies with Bogart and Edward G certainly had me hooked from a young age.

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