1. Sam Juliano

    “You must join this intrepid pair on their journey of intrigue.”

    Love the spirit of this fabulous review, which beautifully captures the essence and the craftsmanship of this top-flight work from the Golden period. Negulesco is known as the director of JOHNNY BELINDA, HUMORESQUE. THREE COINS IN THE FOUNTAIN and NOBODY LIVES FOREVER, but DEMITRIOS may well be his masterpiece. The encore from Lorre and Greenstreet would itself be enough to make this an essential watch, but as note in this wide appreciation of all the components, there’s so much more. Yes, the adaptation from Ambler’s work is a gem, and that lovely score by Deutsch is great as a stand alone.

    What do they say about films like this?

    They don’t make em like that anymore! After reading this, it’s time to pop in that Warner Archives made to order DVD! Great stuff, and a banner appreciation here!

  2. Lee

    Nice review Tony. I just watched this for the first time yesterday. It is certainly a gem with a lot going for it, first and foremost of course being the team of Lorre & Greenstreet. It just has that great classic film/film noir feel. If I’m not mistaken, the film was unavailable on DVD until this year. The Warner Archive DVD’s picture quality was decent, albeit with couple minor issues here and there and the sound clear.

  3. Thanks Lee. Yes the Warner Archive release is certainly timely. I re-read Ambler’s novel last week, and just like The Maltese Falcon, after seeing the movie the novel’s characters can’t be imagined otherwise.

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