1. “Despite a strange incoherence and lackadaisical direction from Brit Victor Saville, the talented lensing of Franz Planer sustains visual interest, with suitably dark lighting and expressionist flourishes.”

    Sounds like this is one of those films where the narrative is either cryptic or convoluted, but the visual scheme is arresting. To be sure I have not seen it, but as always am dazzled by the excellent prose that frames it. Planer has a distinguished filmography with CRISS CROSS as a particularly notable achievement. In any case ‘Anthony Quinn as an amnesiac will always hold some sway with film fans. Great presentation here Tony!

  2. Thanks Ray and Sam.

    Ray, I too had the same thought about the Hay’s Office. Though the low-end b’s did not get the same attention as the major studio output, and then again may be the producer ignored any re-write directives, like Joseph H. Lewis when he stuck with that notorious scene with Richard Conte and Jean Wallace in The Big Combo a few years later.

    Yes Sam, Planer’s work in The Chase and 99 River Street pulled those movies into a higher category.

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