1. Sam Juliano

    Indeed, there a number of horror fans who feel this way, and understandably. On balance, THE LEOPARD MAN is not one of Val Lewton’s most consumate pieces from the classic series. Yet, it is still worthwhile for some splendid and shuddery set pieces from the film’s first reel involving a nocturnal walk of a young girl from her home to a grocery store, and the tragic conclusion of teh famed sequence. THE LEOPARD MAN does fizzle near the end, which is both stilted and predictable, (the killer is known early on in fact) but the earlier scenes are among Lewton’s finest work. Yes, I know he didn’t direct, but his mark was all over this film and virtually all the others.

  2. “RKO bought the rights to Woolrich’s next novel, Black Alibi (1942), for $5,175 and gave it to producer Val Lewton.”…Wow!…I wasn’t aware of the fact, that the film “The Leopard Man” was based on author Cornell Woolrich’s book “Black Alibi.”

    I am sure that author Cornell Woolrich’s book “Black Alibi” is great but, for some unknown reason I am just not interested in Val Lewton’s produced films.
    Even though I have watched a couple of his (Val Lewton) films…such as, “Cat People” “The Curse of the Cat People” “The Leopard Man” and “The Seventh Victim.”

  3. Oops! I am so sorry!…I don’t mean to “offend” any admirers of producer Val Lewton’s films,(my choice to “ignore” his films are personal!) but I was just so tired of “pretending” for a year and half that I was interested in his films whenever the subject turned to his films on message board(s). Will I ever purchase his recently released boxset? I am so sorry! to say, but I don’t think so!

  4. ralph cox

    Tony: thanks this movie was on TCM recently forgot to write down the name was there a song titled “Ah Woe Ah Me” performed in this movie? ralph

  5. ralph cox

    Tony: thanks could be I was thinking of the movie “I Walked With A Zombie” that also aired on TCM recently. I appreciate your help as locating knowledgeable sources for off the mainstream movies is not easy. ralph

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