1. On your last point . . . . while I deplore what was done to the Hollywood dissidents in the blacklist, and feel as you do that the determining issue was freedom of speech and thought, a high ideal to be sure, I don’t think we should lose sight of the fact that most of those persecuted were defenders of Stalin’s regime, even in the face of massive evidence of his massive crimes.

    They may not have been Stalin’s operatives in America, as their oponents saw them, but they had an irrational faith in the Soviet system, even under Stalin, which to me was closer to religious belief than to considered political thought.

    In the era of “the death of God”, Communism became a kind of alternative faith for many. The image of Stalin as a kind of new and more authentic Jesus Christ was being retailed in Russian art as early as 1929.

  2. Tks for your comment Lloyd.

    I suppose we could say that many of us have an irrational faith in our politicians, and that political loyalties for some is akin to religious fervour…

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