1. Sam Juliano

    “So we have a murder from Scarlet Street (1945) out-of Double Indemnity (1944).”

    Ha! Good point there Tony! Well I have seen both THE GREAT FLAMARION and STRANGE IMPERSONATION. I saw these at the Anthony Mann Film Festival in Manhattan two years ago, and the former just played this past Monday at the same institution as part of the Erich Von Stroheim Festival. Of course I took a pass on that one. I would agree that THE GREAT FLAMARION, though well-shot by James S. Brown does fall apart in the latter stages, and can never be considered as anything more than a B thriller. Von Stroheim himself is always a marvelous screen presence, though with the downward spiral one might think that Emil Jannings may be even better for the role. I absolutely agree that sex is the primary focus here. I’d define this film as a guilty pleasure.

    As always your essay here is superbly written and your observations are fascinating.

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