1. Hi! Tony,
    What a very interesting review of a film that I have
    never watched, but *no worries* I think this film is part of Alexander’s “Mother Lode” after reading your review I’am glad that I didn’t invest (financially) in this film.
    But, then again, Tony, on the other hand, I may like this film, more so than you did?!? … Who Knows?!? :? I have to wait until after I watch this film!…in order to determine whether I will give this film the thumb(s)-up or the thumb(s)-down.)
    Take care!
    Dcd ;)

  2. And part of MY mother lode as well Dee Dee!!! LOL!! (Thank You) It is here and I have copied it to watch down the road, even though Tony points to the issues it suffers from, not the least of which is a surprisingly ‘weak’ performance from Lee J. Cobb. But it’s good to know that Mr. Loggia is on target. And yes, I would guess myself that Aldrich is to be credited with the choreography of those scenes, without even having seen it. Very honest assessment here.

  3. Hi! Sam Juliano,
    Oh! that goes without saying…in other words, “You are the “man” who(m) held all the “power” of the “Mother lode” in your “hands!” ha!ha!

    Take care! ;)

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