1. cigar joe

    Tony, the visual component of the film is complimented by a smart, equally impressive, sound design that floods your senses with the lullaby of THE CITY. I don’t believe I’ve heard a better one in any contemporary noir set in NYC. You constantly hear the rattle of the El as it passes by the windows of Gault’s (Stevens) office or above your head when out on Third Avenue, you hear the honk and rumble of traffic on the street, you hear the cacophony of the arcade. There is even a sequence where Gault and Kathleen (Ball) are talking to a newspaper boy in a lunch counter who witnessed a near hit and run accident, after he leaves we even hear his news headline hawking faintly diminishing as a background to the conversation between Gault and Kathleen.

    This constantly enveloping sound design ingeniously transitions seamlessly to diegetic and non diegetic music provided by various artists, Alfred Newman, Eddie Heywood and His Orchestra, Duke Ellington and others.

    It really made a difference watching this one on the home theater.


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