1. Well, Sir, now this is a timely post as far as I’m concerned, as I will be seeing this film in the upcoming “The Films of William Castle” festival scheduled in August at Manhattan’s Film Forum. I have not yet seen the film, but have watched a number of Castle features (he is admittedly a low-budget horror specialist) and have a childhood affinity for HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL particularly. I would say THE TINGLER is another fine effort within these limited parameters. But I am definitely most interested in BETRAYED, and greatly respect James Agee’s views on low-budget cinema. Agee, as you’ll recall was a great admirer of the humanism in Val Lewtons’s pictures for RKO.

  2. Hi! Tony and Sam Juliano,
    Tony, like Sam Juliano, I have never watched When Strangers Marry
    (Oh! yes, I have already checked my man that live in Canada, not Havana…film list and it appears that he does have a copy of the film.)

    Therefore, Sam Juliano, you know what this mean…I will be forwarding a copy of the film to you too. By the way, Tony thanks, for the heads-up!)

    Because I plan to post the information about the screening of “When Strangers Marry” on my Film Noir Ning.

    [SideNote:(Author Spencer Selby, mentioned this film in his book Dark City: The Film Noir…quite favorably too!)]

    DeeDee ;)

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