1. Boy, creativity really knows no bounds at this site. From every nook and cranny and from every angle this form is examined and with a sense of symbol and purpose. I have not alas seen this particular film I’m sorry to say, but I positively love the way you used it as a valid example of this significant film noir prop that does indeed serve the qualifications you assert at the outset. The ‘spiritual anxiety’ contention is brilliant. Of course there are so many examples of the symbolic use of the car and one that always comes to mind is the famed back-seat-of-the-cab scene in ON THE WATERFRONT, not that this really has all that much to do with the particulars of this post.

    Fantastic stuff!

  2. DeeDee

    Hi! Tony and Sam Juliano…

    Tony, what very nice screen-shots from one of my favorite film noir High Wall and your avatar is very nice too…
    It compliment your upgraded blog very noirish in nature.

    Film noir + night scenes + cars=“The Big Sleep,” “Out Of The Past,” “Cry Of The City” “The Chase” “Armored Car Robbery,” and “Desperate.”
    There wasn’t chase scenes in all of these films, (per se)but I think that cars play a prominent role in each film.

    Thanks, for sharing!
    DeeDee :wink: :smile:

  3. DeeDee

    …Tony, Please let me add the film “Angel Face” to my list too!
    It seems as if actor Robert Mitchum, femme-fatales, and cars don’t mix…Even though I have never watched the film “Angel Face” I know about the ending of the film.
    DeeDee :wink: :smile:

  4. Another excellent post-on a different subject what can you give us on Australian Noir-someone suggested to me that The Interview was worth a watch -a movie i’ve never seen

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