1. Hard-Boiled Dick

    The Blue Dahlia is not one of Chandler’s better works. The dialogue is devoid of typical Chandlerism: acerbic wit and existential metaphors. Agreed Ladd is cardboard in this movie. Chandler preferred Bogart over Ladd and Powell (The Raymond Chandler Papers).

  2. I agree with you guys. I watched this recently on TCM and Bendix gives the shows best performance.But the direction is rather flat, and the cinematography not all that striking or evocative. Ladd and Lake are much better in “This Gun For Hire” and “The Glass Key.” And I couldn’t help but laugh at the ending which is just too pat and tidy for film noir.

  3. Neil Mobberly

    I’ve watched this movie many times and I have to agree that Mr. Ladd is somewhat “dull”.
    But I am fascinated by the Doris Dowling character! She’s just about the perfect model for a
    “sluttish” wife/party girl. A touch of bad mixed with a little crazy… she would probably be a lot of fun.

  4. Yes Neil, Doris Dowling deserves more recognition. She had a more sympathetic role in Wilder’s The Long Weekend. Sorry for the delay in responding – I have been on sabbatical.

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