1. Sam Juliano

    I have seen THE HITCH-HIKER and of course consider ON DANGEROUS GROUND one of the greatest of noirs, but I have not seen THE BIGAMIST. Still I think you are pretty much on target as far as Lupino, though she did do a good job with a few episodes of BORIS KARLOFF’S THRILLER, especially the chilling ‘La Strega.’ George Diskant is a master lensman indeed, and ON DANGEROUS GROUND is among his notable credits. I am not at all surprised though that O’Brien delivered a strong performances as did Fontaine, and the screenplay is more notable than the visual style. Love the use of ‘shades of grey’ Excellent review!

  2. Frank Gallo

    I do think that Lupino did a decent job directing The Hitch-Hiker. But I haven’t seen The Bigamist. You make it seem like it’s at least worth a look! Edmund O’Brien was excellent in D.O.A. Great review.

  3. Good post, especially how you explained how The Bigamist has a strong noir element even if it isn’t really noir.
    Lupino may not be a great director, but she’s one of my favorites because of the way she fosters mood and nuances via the actors. I’ve seen The Hitch-Hiker, The Bigamist and an episode of the Screen Director’s Playhouse (“No. 5 Checked Out”) show and this quality was evident in all three. She may be a better actress, but the sensitive -but not soft- aspect of her direction really appeals to me.

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