1. You make a good point — film noir definitely derived in part from European existentialism . . . but existentialism itself was influenced by Poe, via Baudelaire, so the lines of connection are complex.

    We can’t see film noir as simply a European product, an import, because it was so wildly popular with the American public — which must reflect an existential malaise that did reach North America after WWII, aroused by the horrific spectacle of the conflict and by the atomic bomb. It reflected a subconscious dread deeply rooted in the American psyche.

  2. Little Dave

    Film Noir to me is a reflection upon the world experience from the depression and World War II. Bitterness with the feeling that upper class had it rigged to win. Little guy struggles against the power structure to try and win one (on rare occasion). The game is rigged, but fight on anyway.

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