1. Peter

    Just arrived here from the link provided under Allan Fish’s review at Wonders in the Dark, and I must say a wildly enthusisastic assessment of the film. I would have never thought to call this the greatest noir (I saw it years ago) but I think I must see it again. I do remember the characters and the moody music and photography vividly.

  2. Surely it is Alton’s best camera work among his other notable noir achievements. I’ve just finished reviewing “Slightly Scarlet” which was released the following year and also put Alton’s talent to work but this time in SuperScope and Technicolor. Allan Dwan’s film is not near as good as Lewis’ “The Big Combo” but Alton still captures the noir tones in color, and Arlene Dahl’s nymphomaniac makes for some heavily suggestive stuff for 1956.

  3. […] 80s bombs at the time, mostly directed by John Carr and written by Philip Yordan, naturally. …The Big Combo (1955): Quintessential Noir | film noirYou think this is a mink… you think these are the skins of little wild animals sewn together for […]

  4. Noir

    Thanks for focusing on Rita, my fave character in the film. “Leonard! Take me to the party.”

  5. futurestar

    awesome film noir. hits on all cylinders. tense tight performances across the board. glad to discover this kind of quality I did not know of before. sometimes life just gets good. lucky us for the http://www.digicomtv.com top quality release.

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