1. DeeDee

    Good-Morning! Tony,
    I would have to say that your review of this film is once again…Straightforward without “mincing” of any words.
    What a coincidence,I plan to “take a look” at the film “The Big Clock” this week too…over there on my?!? Ning.
    Thanks, for sharing the video too!
    DeeDee ;) :)

  2. bobby J.

    Excellent and concise write-up of this movie. The plot was far more enthralling when it was remade in the ’80s as ‘No Way Out’ and the atmosphere far more broodingly rich in ‘Alias Nick Beal’ by the same team.

  3. Another excellent review of an often underestimated film. I agree with Bobby J. on the re-make being a stronger piece, but Farrow, Seitz and Milland make major contributions here.

  4. Maurizio Roca

    Yeah I’m not big on this film either. I remember being really disappointed when I watched it. We all have movies in a particular genre that don’t speak or move us. I slot this one right up there with Detour, DOA, I Wake Up Screaming, and Crossfire as heavyweight noirs I don’t care for……

  5. Lee

    Just saw this, I actually quite liked it. I think it has a lot going for it. Milland the cast are quite good, and I felt the climax, with the creepy music as the noose tightens leading up to that “savagely noir” final resolution, really delivered the goods as far as pulse-quickening thrills. And it’s always nice to watch a Noir which features A-list talent across the board and something more than a shoestring budget.

  6. Thanks Lee. I was hard on the movie, and will have to give it another look. Sorry for the delay in responding – I have been on sabbatical.

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