1. DeeDee

    Bonjour! Tony,
    I have to agree with your apt description of Ray’s “knock On Any Door” and especially, with your use of the word(s) “very imaginative” when it comes to the description of the German “Party Girl” poster.

    I own a copy of the film The House Across the Lake(aka Heat Wave) and once again…I have to agree with your accessment of the 1954 film…
    Unfortunately, I have not watch the following three films yet…(with “yet” being the operative word.)
    …The 1950 film Manèges (aka The Wanton),
    Yves Allégret’s 1947 film Une si jolie petite plage and Julien Duvivier’s Voici le temps des assassins, but I will seek them out to watch too!
    Merci, for sharing!
    DeeDee ;-D

  2. Maurizio Roca

    I just realized you have never done a review for The Night Of The Hunter on this site. I guess you don’t classify it as film noir which is fair. I would love to know your opinion on it. I like when you do these Summary Noir Reviews. I watched Knock On Any Door many years ago and remember coming away disappointed. I agree with you that it could have been great. Not much of a fan of Party Girl either. Have not seen the rest.

  3. Well, I agree with Maurizio that your compilations bring out some of your very best work (though as of late everything here has been outstanding). I could have sworn that Tony did THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER, but you are probably right, Maurizio.

    I like PARTY GIRL a bit more (I recently acquired and watched the Warner Archives DVD) but yeah it may be somewhat overrated, and is an obvious departure for Ray. You are dead-on in your assessment of Cobb’s scene-stealing. I’m sorry to say I have not yet seen the first film you feature, a Ray from 1949, but I wouldn’t doubt your verdict. It’s not a film that’s spoken about much, and it’s never even screened at Ray festivals. Typical noir subject too, and it’s been done so well in other works.

    Dee Dee, I own Allegret’s UNE JOLIE SI PETIT PLAGE (great film!!!) so we’ll talk. I must agree with Tony on his disdain with the oppressive mood in THE WANTON, and I much prefer Duvivier’s DEADLIER THAN THE MALE. HEAT WAVE is interesting, but not with the best noirs.

    Brilliant capsules.

  4. Tks DeeDee. Of the three you haven’t seen, Yves Allégret’s Une si jolie petite plage is de riguer. The other two are not essential noirs.

    Hi Maurizio. Your description of your reaction to Knack On Any Door as disappointing, mirrors my own feelings. I always look forward to a Bogart movie, and when it doesn’t work the disappointment is intense. Sam is right, I reviewed The Night of the Hunter last year: https://filmsnoir.net/film_noir/the-night-of-the-hunter-1955-not-noir.html. (I have missed adding it the review index page – thanks for the heads up!) You are right about my not seeing it as a noir. The best review of Hunter I have read is a brilliant essay by Alexander Coleman from 2008: http://colemancornerincinema.blogspot.com/2008/11/night-of-hunter-1955.html. Allan Fish also posted his thoughts last year at WitD: http://wondersinthedark.wordpress.com/2009/03/06/the-night-of-the-hunter-no-20/.

    Sam, your description of The Wanton as ‘oppressive’ says it all: ‘brilliant capsule’ ;)

  5. Maurizio Roca

    Ahh Tony I didn’t see it in the review index so assumed you had yet to tackle it. I will check out those links.

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