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  1. A dazzling presentation here of a seminal quintet, though as you note yourself, Duvuvier’s film is actually ‘poetic realism.’ (and quite an impressive example!) All the caps look terrific, always enhanced by the dark backround of the site, and the fecund capsule reviews say all that is needed. You really pushed the right buttons there in the BORDER INCIDENT piece, and I recall the film quite well having just seen it. I am a very big fan of PEPE LE MOKO, and quite agree that the shadowy atmosphere in DARK WATERS does match that in Siodmak’s terrific THE SPIRAL STAIRCASE. Of course de Toth has done some very fine work. You have certainly done very well at this site examining THE GLASS WALL (and you’ve framed it here magnificently) and THE ENFORCER does feature a Bogie going through the motions.

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