1. I like Granger and O’Connell a bit more than you do here Tony, but I’d agree they weren’t nearly as dynamic as they were in Ray’s great classic film. I agree with your deft assessment of teh final sequence, the noir atmospherics and Mann’s sence of pacing and control. It’s rather a minor classic, methinks, and I had the fortune of seeing it a few months ago at the Anthony Mann Film Festival at the Film Forum.

    “The denouement is flat as stale beer.”

    Ha! Nice simile to fuel your summary dismissal of MYSTERY STREET. I can’t argue that Bennett is a flavorless actor (his work in MILDRED PIERCE was really that film’s only flaw) but am saddened at Alton’s miss, as this is a cinematic rarity. (as is John Sturges’ failure to deliver)

    I can’t wait to see HIGH WALL, as I especially appreciated that ‘noir car’ feature of a few days ago!

  2. DeeDee

    Hi! Tony, and Sam Juliano…
    I like all three of the films that you have critique here very much too…I never given the “flaws” that you have mentioned a second thought…
    …Okay! with that being said, I have removed my “rose coloured glasses” and I have to agree with your assessment Of all three films.

    Tony said,”I was probably a bit hard on Granger and O’Donnell, but expectations are high after They Live By Night.”

    Tony, I have never watched Granger, and O’Donnell, in “They Live By Night”
    Therefore, I’am unable to compare their performances. (I own a copy of “The Live By Night” Therefore, I may visit this film for the first-time over the week-end or next week.)

    Thanks, for sharing!
    DeeDee :wink: :smile:

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