1. Sam Juliano

    In the perverse and wicked spirit of Georges Franju’s EYES WITHOUT A FACE, this haunting cult noir by Anthony Mann offers up some dark ironies and splendid femme fatale maneuverings. You are dead-on with your assertion that this is cinematic economy of the highest order, negotiated by a master craftsman who is well-noted for his expertise at details and mise en scene. Agree that Brenda Marshall and the ladies take center stage, and all things considered this is absolutely a “juicy tale of revenge.” The framing device is a bit annoying I’ll admit, much as it was in THE GREAT FLAMARION the previosu year, but it doesn’t detract too much from the riveting story at hand. As always you have written with insight and appreciation! I first saw this film two years ago at the Anthony Mann Festival, and have since aquired the Kino DVD.

  2. Story is half-baked from start to finish, acting from William Gargan and Brenda Marshall is atrocious (and though playing chemists they do not have any chemistry together), and the ending is as laughable and conservative (better get married, little lady, and forget about your ambition…) as I was afraid it would be. Sorry to say, but that was one of the worst b-movies from the catalogue of classical film noir I’ve ever watched.

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