1. Sam Juliano

    The very notion of routine material being transformed by the direction and visual imagination was the established terrain of Val Lewton and Jacques Tourneur, though Robert Siodmak took the cake with some moody atmospheric in THE SPIRAL STAIRCASE, which had the most ordinary and predictable of all thrillers. Lewis’ use of mirrors and angles to create psychological disorientation and a different level of interpretation. The split personality deceit of course dates back to the silent version of DR. JEKYLL & MR. HYDE, but has more recently been employed in an exploitative way in the psycho dramas that have polluted our screens. Of course Tony Perkins took the split personality to a new level in Hitch’s PSYCHO. Considering Lewis was so prominent in the artistic success of GUN CRAZY and THE BIG COMBO, it isn’t a surprise he turned the trick earlier on in his career.

    This is a terrific piece with a new angle under exploration.

  2. John Thompson

    Does anyone know the name of the French song that the lovely actress Micheline Cheirel sings in this movie ?

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