1. Sam Juliano

    “Overall, there is a derivative feel to the scenario, which borrows from but never matches the intelligence and power of On the Waterfront.”

    Fantastic prose and visual presentation here Tony, comparing a screen masterpiece with a film that I will soon be sitting down to watch. Your solid review makes that resolve one odf urgency. Am most intrigued by music by Rodgers, and of the striking comparisons with Kazan’s masterpiece. I once partook of a Hoboken, New Jersey tour of the locations used for ON THE WATERFRONT. The city is maybe 25 minutes driving from my home. I have crossed the very Brooklyn Bridge you display here more times than I can remember.

    Splendid comparative piece, that doesn’t surprise me at all. I expected it would prove to be derivative, but would still boast some excellent components.

  2. Hey Sam. Perhaps stacking it up against On the Waterfront is unfair, and a comparison with the still much stronger Panic in the Streets was more in order.

    The street and wharf scenes are good even after the opening sequence, but most of the action is confined to sets and interior shooting. There is an interesting scene inside the basement tenement of an alcoholic wharfie using low-angled exposed-ceiling shots, but the melodrama gets out of hand.

  3. Frank Gallo.

    I’ll have to avail myself of a copy of this, nice comparative piece. Few films of course compare to ‘On the Waterfront.’

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