1. Sam Juliano

    Wow, a must-see indeed Tony! All the screen shots are arresting, and the one with the street lamp, car headlight and tree branches is stunning. Can’t argue with what Renoir says there about the pre-eminence of the B film and the technical excellence that often surfaces in the making of them. You certainly don’t have to sell me on director of photography Benjamin H. Kline, who also lenses some of the very best episodes of the 60’s gothic horror series BORIS KARLOFF’S THRILLER, where he employed German expressionism, and a large number of the Three Stooges shorts. His son Richard H. Kline is a distinguished cinematographer as well, lensing some famous films over four decades. In any event it’s thriller to see this kind of commendation from you in a terrific assessment. I’ve been alerted as to how to access the film as well.

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