Roadblock (1951)

Roadblock (1951)

A competent b-noir from the RKO factory. While dated and rarely going beyond what its low budget allowed, Joan Dixon as the reforms-too-late femme-fatale leaves you wondering why her career as an actress went nowhere, and the more than competently shot doomed escape by car at the end is one of the best car chases from the period. The final scene is elegantly composed by stalwart noir photographer Nicholas Musuraca.

Roadblock (1951)Roadblock (1951) Roadblock (1951)
Roadblock (1951)



  1. DeeDee

    Hi! Tony…
    Thanks, for sharing the synopsis to this film…Unfortunately, I have never watched this film, but I plan to feature my writer Andrew Katsis’ review of this film on my “mini” film noir Ning.

    (By the way, my “mini” Ning is an offshoot Of Malcolm’s Ning.)
    DeeDee :wink: :smile:

  2. Hey DeeDee. Roadblock is an obscure b worth seeking out. I am ready to be corrected, but I think this is Charles’s McGraw only lead role. His co-star Joan Dixon had a very short career, but she is very memorable in this, and makes you wonder why she did not have a bigger career.

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