1. I must say that I am completely in accord with your summary analysis and judgement, Tony on this fine but generally unremarkable mid-20’s work. It does have its fans though. Nelson hit a grand slam with REQUIEM FOR A HEAVYWEIGHT, and Burks as you note in a cinematographer of massive distinction – one of the best at his craft- and Delon’s iconic status need not be repeated. I was all ready to jump in with a “heist” and kidnapping comparison to RIFIFI and THE ASPHALT JUNGLE, but you beat me to the punch. Delon’s work in LE CERCLE ROUGE is recalled in this context and in part we might be persuaded to argue for Kubrick’s THE KILLING at least for half the equation. I completely agree with you that John David Chandler brings home the acting honors for the film.

    Yet another exceedingly splendid review at FILMSNOIR.NET! Can’t argue the noir aspects in the film either.

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