1. A fine review, Tony. I believe you have touched on all of the key factors here. It is a little slow going early on, but all of the qualities you point to conspire to make this an ultimate must-see for noir enthusiasts.

  2. Hi! Tony,
    Oops!…My only “mistake” is that I haven’t watched
    Nora Prentiss yet, but it’s up next…in my very own queue!…But, your review has convinced me to check it out next!…
    Tony said, “Dcd, if you knew how I struggle to write my paltry posts, you would know a book is sadly beyond me…”

    What do you mean…“paltry?” I don’t think your
    writing is paltry. I think that you are a “great” writer.(With fresh ideas!….I can almost see author on your resume, as I type these words and “your book(s)” on my bookcase.)

    Dcd ;)

  3. What led me to this film originally was the Franz Waxman score, especially as I consider this composer one of the all-time greats. (Hitchcock’s REBECCA may well be his greatest score ever)

    I love the descriptive ending you provide here which certainly captures this centerpiece finale:

    “The camera and lighting have gone to noir: an irrevocable decision born of desperation unleashes a maelstrom of dark deeds, deceit, and tragedy. Fate is truly majestic in retribution with a twist that seals the good doctor’s doom. As bleak an ending as any noir before or since.”

    Ann Sheridan is excellent for sure, but Kent Smith is typically awkward. But who could ever forget the role he played in CAT PEOPLE?

    And James Wong Howe? Well, what can we say there!!!!

    Exceptionally vivid and compulsively readable piece here.

  4. Thanks Sam. I agree Smith was inspired casting for Cat People – his natural bewilderment works a treat. Btw, I am working on a short article re Lewton, Truffaut, Renoir, and b-movies. I think I will post it here and at ACB.

    I must revisit Rebecca. As a 15yo it was my favorite movie – before I discovered it was Hitchcock ;)

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