1. I must admit 2 of my favorite western films that are considered western noir(s) starring a couple of film noir icons are: “The Violent Men” (1955) starring actors Glenn Ford,(Gilda) Edward G. Robinson and actress Barbara Stanwyck.(Double Indemnity) and “Ramrod” (1947) starring actress Veronica Lake (The Glass Key, This Gun for Hire and The Blue Dahlia.) and actors Joel McCrea and Preston Foster. (Kansas City Confidential)

    dcd ;)

  2. Fascinating stuff here! I want to look at BLOOD ON THE MOON (and have been promised a copy by ‘you know who?’) again, as I failed to secure a permanent copy. Schleper’s treatment here is truly magisterial and comprehensive.

  3. Colin Welsh

    I consider the “Halliday Brand” a western noir. Curious casting to be sure, but elements of noir and a very haunting score make it at least a partial winner. What do you think, Kimosabe?

  4. Thanks for this pointer Colin. I haven’t seen Hallidays Brand, but the IMDB entry certainly supports your view. I will have to check it out.

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