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  1. I’ll add this to the festivities here:

    “Novak leaned back on the bed and the overhead light touched the speculative glimmer in his little eyes. “It’s a kind of a decisive age though. At thirty-five a guy should know whether or not he’s going to make it.” He grinned at Earl’s puzzled frown, and then his eyes wandered casually over Earl’s suit and shoes. “How do you figure you’re doing? Got it made yet?” (from Odds Against Tomorrow”).

    This is one of McGivern’s two big achievements (the other is his authorship of the source material for the great noir, THE BIG HEAT.) Interestingly enough, with my recent examination of William Castle, I found that McGivern penned the screenplay for the director’s 1965 film, I SAW WHAT YOU DID.

    Fabulous post! :wink:

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