1. Fanglei

    Thank you very much Tony. I’ve translated your recently article “Noir Novelist” into chinese and brought it to more Chinese “Noir fans”,for share with more people who has the same hobby and it’s popular among this group,I hope you would’t mind this,even wish you would be delight with it which let us learn more from your article. Title in this list almost include all the Film Noir classical works,it should be the most authoritative collect now ,I think. Thanks again and hail to you!Please allow me as a deputy of all the Chinese Fans(translation will be update as same as yours).

  2. Hi!Tony D’Ambra,
    I am not sure if you are familiar with the website that I linked below, but I think that you may find this website of some interest when it comes to info(rmation) about articles about…films, famous mystery writers, mystery books and noir (based)novels.
    I think the administrator, of this board name Steve, isn’t in the best of health right now!…therefore, my “get~well wishes!” goes out to him!(and his family too!)



  3. Colin Welsh

    Thanx Tony for the book title, but the cost of it is a bit rich for my blood. Perhaps I can run it down in a library.

  4. Hi! Tony D’Ambra,
    Have you every checked out author Micheal Keaney’s two books on Film Noir?
    Micheal Keaney’s “British Film Noir Guide,”
    (This book may assist you when it comes to compiling
    your list of British Film Noir.)
    and Micheal Keaney’s “Film Noir Guide.”

    dcd ;)

  5. Hi! Tony D’Ambra,
    After I get rid of this “horrible” headache, I will sent you a list of all the films that are considered
    British film noirs that are featured in the former book.
    Hopefully,I will “actually” send you this information…because I am still waiting for the Movie Poster website to approve my submission and I never did locate the Val Lewton website.

    Take care!
    dcd ;)

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