1. Noir Nation has a noble agenda, and I quite liked this promotional video. I see Paul Brazil is involved. Hopefully they will be able to extend the deadline to allow for a much better response.

  2. Gene Machine

    i found noir nation by accident. i love comics and graphic novels and was on amazon looking for noir gn in hardback and came across it accidentally. im not into short stories, or at least i wasnt until now, but i bought it because it said it had a graphic novel in it. it does, and though the art was great it was too short. so i started reading the stories and they reall got me. espcially the one about the violent guy on the edge in a 7-11 and the one about the teacher and the student (kinda wish I had a teacher like that, though that wasnt the point the story). so, other than wishing it had more comics in it, it started me thinking that ive been missing something by not reading short stories (thanks mrs. kuntz, my high school english teacher, but mark twain and jumping frogs might have been funny or interesting in 18 whatever but it wasnt for me 1995), any way, why i am here, i like the art in the comic in noir nation but it only lists the artist as danda from czechoslovakia, and on the internet im finding lots of dandas. anyone here know of more comics by danda?

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