1. “The script is good and an enticing mystery twisted into psychological entrapment should have been gripping, but sadly Curtis Bernhardt directs a rather somnambulant cast.”

    This confirms that even Bogart and Greenstreet in tandem have their off days. Love the telling use of the word “somnambulant.” Good to hear that CONFLICT is worth seeing for the dream-like visuals and for that alluring strain of ambiguity.

    As far as ROGUE COP, I will say that normally it is always a treat to look at the work of that master of low-key lighting John Seitz (DOUBLE INDEMNITY, THE LOST WEEKEND, SUNSET BOULEVARD) but your observations here are clear enough. Taylor has indeed had his wooden turns, and I’m sure this isn’t the first time we’ve asked about the whereabouts of Fritz Lang.

    Concise and authoritative capsules! Great to see an update here.

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