1. I have actually seen both ASPHALT and CROSS OF LOVE, and commend you once again for your superb word economy in sizing up the artistic merit of these comparatively obscure films, which absolutely quality to sit under the film noir umbrella by most barometers of measurement. The German film (I own the Masters of Cinema region 2 DVD of it) does indeed have a resonating documentary feel and it is stark and gritty, a real work of distinction during the silent era. The expressionistic CROSS OF LOVE with that unforgettable and turbulent opening scene is probably Tulio’s most popular work, and as you note Regina Linnanheimo is utterly magnificent.

    So thrilling to see you back here reviewing Tony! And some very fine specimens at that! great concise and succinct writing here!

  2. I’m sorry I haven’t been here in such a very long time, Tony. My server, OPTONLINE.NET, has begun blocking everything from blogger/blogspot.com and everything that issues via Feedburner. When I complain, I’m just laughed off; every now and then someone more powerful than I am complains, and then for a week or two OPTONLINE.NET subscribers get the relevant emails. I’ve been resubscribing to the relevant sites using a gmail account (pathetic, or what?), but it takes a while.

    Anyway, great stuff for posting this piece on Finnish noir. Not long after I started Noirish a Finnish reader contacted me on the issue of his country’s film noir (I thought I’d done good having any Finnish films noirs/neonoirs in my book, but apparently there are lots of others out there of which I knew nothing. I’m trying to fill in a few of them on the site every now and then. Your description of these three is really useful in this context.

    All my best.

  3. No worries John. I haven’t been posting that often. Glad that you found this piece of interest. I have some other Scandinavian films in my queue and if I overcome my inertia, will feature them here. Tony

  4. Michael

    I love this stuff!!!! It’s so dynamic and entertaining!!!

    Mike D., Brooklyn, NY

    P.S. I wish we had Film Noir marathon celebrations in NYC.

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