1. Sounds like we have a trio here that are redeemed by performances, not at all surprised in view of the brilliant thespians who inhabit the frames in each. I do think that Kael is right when she opines that plenty of B films are far better than the general perception made by those who regularly ignore components for “the whole.” But if the whole includes some mitigating attributes, well then I think many of these kinds of films are overdue for re-appraisal. In any event, nice to see Rooney featured, and JOHNNY O’CLOCK is definitely a classic. Excellent piece here!!!

  2. Big Swede

    First off,Thanks for a great web-page!
    I´ve tried to get the up-dates to my email as “subscribe” but for some reason it´s not working…
    The penny arcade scenes in “Quicksand”are indeed very good,it´s what I remember from that movie.And I can only agree with the sentiment that many B-pictures are wonderful,right up there in any “Best of”ranking
    Have just finished watching Jean Gabin as Maigret in “Maigret tend un piege”,directed by Jean Delannoy,English title “Maigret sets at trap”,I think.
    It´s got a pretty strong “Noir”feel,I must say.
    The ending was not much of a surprise since I´ve read the book but although Delannoy is not highly rated( it seems),he turns in a good picture with this one,with a very “Noir” rain falling on old Jules as he walks away at the end,breaking the very french tensión that marks the story.
    Thanks again Tony for your good work!


  3. Rob

    Thanks for the words on these three. I’ve been wanting to see Johnny O’Clock since I first saw the notes on it. If Powell is as good in that one as he was in Cornered, it’s worth it. If Tommy Gomez gives a performance that’s anywhere close to the one he gave in Force of Evil, it’s gotta be worth it. Problem is, I can’t find it anywhere! Time Table looks like a winner, too. Quicksand I’ve seen. Let’s face it, Rooney was just not cut out for the darkness.

  4. Hi Rob. Sorry for the delay in responding – I have been on sabbatical. Johnny O’Clock is a lesser film than Cornered but still intriguing. Both Powell and Gomez are more than solid. Rooney made a fair fist of it.

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