1. Its good to see noir and neo-noir are still alive and well in this new posting. I am the author of
    3 books on film noir which you can find under my name, Dr. Ronald Schwartz at http://www.amazon.com. I have an author’s page there and you can find 8 of the 11 books I wrote there or just Google me. I liked your choices of 25 best film noir and have reviewed all of them except RIFIFI. I have to check out ALL your posts on this site.

  2. Sam Juliano

    Tony, I must admit to you that I did not see LONELY ARE THE BRAVE as a noir, but neither have I put a muzzle on arguments to the contrary. Ray Ottulich’s generalization is quite persuasive. I recall another film that was firmly in the noir camp set in and around the Mexican border that featured the wonderful actor Tomas Gomez, but I am failing to conjure it up, and it is oddly missing from his filmography. You did once pen a terrific review on it as I do vividly recall. Anyway I always side with the more liberal interpretations anyway. I also love CHAMPION but don’t find it as great a film as either THE SET-UP (the real masterpiece of the three, as cinematically economical as HIGH NOON) nor BODY AND SOUL. But both your potent points are well-taken.

    Ahearn’s essays sound pretty essential. I know Silver’s work of course from his seminal encyclopedias with James Ursini. You yourself have written some fabulous pieces on French poetic realism (in the context of some of the corresponding masterpieces of that era) that most assuredly sit with your finest work.

    Why do I now suddenly have an urge to re-watch both these Douglas films? :)

  3. Thanks Sam as always for your comments.

    The Gomez film you refer to is the great Ride the Pink Horse – and coincidentally Mr Ahearn has some interesting things to say about it, though to my mind he misses the wood for the trees in his critique, and he significantly fails to mention the source novel which is darker and more nuanced than the film.

  4. For your Bibliography:
    1. Schwartz, Ronald, NOIR, NOW & THEN: Film Noir Originals Remakes (1944-1999), Westport, Conn., Greenwood Press, 2000, 214 pages.
    2. NEO-NOIR The New Film Noir Style: From PSYCHO to COLLATERAL. Lanham,
    Maryland, Toronto, London: Scarecrow Press,2005, 157 pages, paperback.
    3. _____.HOUSES OF NOIR: DARK VISIONS FROM 13 STUDIOS.,Jefferson, NC. McFarland Publishing, 36 stills, 2015, 200 pages, paperback.
    Thank you, Tony. Ron S. 3/14 Blizzard in Manhattan.

  5. Dear Tony,
    I have 2 other books which contain films noirs from Spain & Latin America. You can look them up on my Author’s Page on amazon.com and even open them. They are THE GREAT SPANISH FILMS and LATIN AMERICAN FILMS. Check them out!
    Best, Ron S. Blizzard Tuesday 3/14

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