1. I just watched this intoxicating sequence twice and agree with the apt comparison to Lubitsch. There is a suave sophistication here, and an undeniable sexual tension in the air. Von Stroheim may have been a world-class director, but his limited acting appearances over the years (I always think of SUNSET BOULEVARD, GRAND ILLUSION and THE GREAT FLAMARION in particular) never fail to yield a depth rarely achieved by the more celebrated thespians.

  2. DeeDee

    Bonjour! Tony,
    I must admit that after viewing both scene…I’am now ready to add this film to my Amazon.com/shopping cart.
    I must also admit that is a great bit of “business” going on in that scene between…Director/actor Erich von Stroheim, and (unknown…to me at least) actress Mireille Balin.
    Merci, for sharing!
    DeeDee ;)

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